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Reference General Description Applicability Description Detailed Description
RC77498 Safety recall #774 frame welds 97 PR, built through 12-10-97 Involves inspecting and repairing any missing frame welds
RC78298 Safety recall #782 instrument cluster 99 PR built through 4-3-99 Involves replacing the instrument cluster
RC79099 Safety recall #790 fuel rail O-rings and reinforcements 97 PR with 3.5L engine Involves replacing the fuel rail O-rings and reinforcing the outlet side fuel rail
RC81099 Emissions recall #810 VECI label replacement 99 PR built through 6-21-99 Involves installing a new VECI label
RC84499 Safety recall #844 brake warning lamp wiring jumper 99 PR built through 6-22-99 Involves adding a wiring jumper to the brake warning lamp switch
RC85599 Safety recall #855 frame castings 99 PR built from 5-13-99 through 07-29-99 Involves frame inspection and vehicle replacement if necessary
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