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Prowlin' the Seas
Prowlin' the Seas 2003 on the Explorer of the Seas. February 22 - March 1. Miami to San Juan to St. Maarten to St. Thomas to Nassau to Miami. Seven beautiful days of FUN, FUN, FUN!

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  Explorer's sister-ship Voyager. 
  Prowlin' the Seas 2003 Official Patch 
  Coolest Shimmer of 2003! 
  Prowlin' the Seas! 
  Jay at first Prowler session. 
  First Prowler session. 
  Rock-Climbing Prowlers 
  Jay, Judy, & Mike 
  Dawn Lavka, Phil & Jane Horvath, Carlos & Susan Diaz 
  Horvath & Diaz 
  The climbing duo, MeanGene & GPS John 
  MeanGene & Fixumm race to the top! 
  Approaching El Morro Fort in San Juan, Puerto Rico 
  Lunch on the beach, St. Maarten 
  Orient Beach at St. Maarten 
  Just a typical sunset in the Caribbean. 
  Glen Dennee & Nat Thomas 
  Dawn & Tom Lavka 
  Fixum & Sharon & kids 
  Dave & Shirley Phillips 
  Jerry & Kim Wilson 
  Royal Promenade 
  Fantastic Ice Show 
  Buried in the sand. 
  Grand Princess --- Our host for 2004 
  Radiance of the Seas --- Our host to Alaska in 2004 
  Our beautiful dining room 
  Is this a Prowler? 
  Fixumm Gang 
  Sandy tackles the mountain! 
  Bacardi Rum Factory tour in San Juan. 
  Where's the beach? 
  GPS John loves this place. 
  And for the brave souls, the scenery was... 
  Another beautiful Caribbean sunset. 
  Private balcony view approaching St. Thomas. 
  Beautiful Charlotte Amalie harbor, St. Thomas 
  Nancy Ridge & Nancy Harris negotiating... 
  Wild Thing cruisin to pickup some Prowlers. 
  Prowlers are ready for a fast ride. 
  Keith Clayton says "Let's Go!" 
  Nancy Ridge, Ben, Dave Ridge --- GREAT snorkeling! 
  Nancy & Dave 
  Did Lynn have a good time? 
  Prowlers on our semi-private beach with plenty of rum punch! 
  Rumpunch Prowlers 
  It's amazing what 5 runpunches will make you do! 
  Any Prowlers here? 
  Disney serenades us as it leaves St. Thomas. 
  Our second Prowler happy hour --- Lynn, Judy, Jim.  
  Is that Steven Spielberg... or Leon Kurzweil? 
  More loot to give away! 
  Lauri Keen, Carlos Diaz, Janet Kurzweil, Susan Diaz 
  McCormacks & Krehels discuss... Prowlers of course! 
  Even MeanCat dresses up nice! 
  Glen Dennee attacked by performer. 
  Dave & Shirley Phillips and Nat Thomas & Glen Dennee 
  The Mills lookin spiffy! 
  FRONT: Harris, Mills BACK: Ridge, Kurzweil 
  More of the Prowlin' gifts. 
  FRONT: John & Gabi Martins BACK: Don McCormack, Brian & Elena King, Lynn & Ben 
  Explorer in Nassau. 
  Ships in Nassau harbor. 
  Celebrity, RCCL, Disney. 
  Dave & Nancy Ridge in Nassau. 
  Lavkas enjoy Blackbeard's Cay in Nassau. 
  Ben feeding a stingray. 
  Stingrays on Blackbeard's Cay. 
  Dave hoisting a cold one at Johnny Rockets. 
  One of our great waiters. 
  Jay & Nancy Harris --- Yeller Cat 
  The Prowlin' Gang 
  Ben & Lynn toast the Prowlers! 
  FIXUMM's wedding ceremony begins... with Maid of Honor Shaylin and MeanGene 
  Bride Sharon & her escort Johnny Koonce 
  Prowler Witnesses to the Wedding at Sea 
  Is FIXUMM crying? 
  The Koonce Wedding Party! 
  Wedding Reception. 
  Heading for Honeymoon Suite... 
  Two waiters! 
  Two Nancys and two little boats. 
  GPS "Jacques Cousteau' John 
  GPS John & his pet stingray! 
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