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Plymouth Prowler Concept Vehicle
I thought it might be interesting for everyone to see some pictures that I have showcasing the Plymouth Prowler concept vehicle. The first group were from a display that Chrysler had at the Detroit Autorama in 1996. The second group are photos of the Plymouth Prowler Roadshow which was built and managed by a motorsports company. I worked for this company for five years and the Plymouth Prowler Roadshow program was my responsibility. Hope you enjoy the photos!

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  Prowler Concept display at the Detroit Autorama - 1996  
  Yep! That's me handing out Prowler posters at Chrysler's display!  
  Plymouth Prowler Inflatable! 
  The Plymouth Prowler Roadshow was on display at a local Chrysler Plymouth dealer in Bloomfield Hills, MI for the Woodward Dream Cruise - August 1996 
  Arial view of the Plymouth Prowler Roadshow 
  Plymouth Prowler concept vehicle on display with trailer 
  The Plymouth Prowler Roadshow tow vehicle.  
  Prowler display history and technical panels  
  This is a brochure that was sent to the Plymouth dealers offering them the opportunity to book the roadshow display at their dealership.  
  Graphics on the sides of the Prowler display trailer!  
  The gentleman in the white shirt is Pete Hollinshead, from Chrysler, who was the Manager in charge of the Prowler PR program. Pete worked with the Prowler owners on many occasions. He was also the client that I worked with on the Plymouth Prowler Roadshow.  
  I took this photo of Fred Warren in the Prowler. Fred Warren is a customer car builder from Warren, Ohio. He has won multiple AMBR awards and a Ridler award with some of his hot rods. He owns the Boyds Smoothster and the lime green Muroc Roadster that is featured in the BFG Tire posters.  
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