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Spring Fling - Leonardtown MD
Spring Fling 03 in leonardtown, MD. They closed off the whole town square to host over 250 cars for the show. Weather was perfect, and we all had a blast! This was the very first car show for me, Sirreal, and CapitalKat. There were no 1st, 2nd, 3rd place trophies, just 3 Best of Class equally awarded. Our class was "Original 79-03". Best of Class trophies went to: Black Tie 161 and Meangene.....And Best Mopar went to Sirreal. Congrats to all!!! The kats drew a lot of stares and questions while the Vette club sat mostly ignored....LOL! :D It was so cool to be standing in the town square, look over and see 4 prowlers rolling down the street...I knew then it was going to be a good day!
5 Kats in a row. Black Tie 161, Sirreal, Myron, Meangene, and CapitalKat.
Even just 5 Prowlers in a row were very impressive to see!
Some of the crew...there's Meangene dressed to match his "orange" car...LOL!
More small town goodness.....
I just though this car was too cool.....
This looked like it was doing 90 MPH sitting still.
Talk about a hood that opens!
The trophy to add to the "I love me" wall....LOL
Capitalkat, Mr. & Mrs. Sirreal, and Myron....
Just an amazing mural on a Dodge Stratus so wild, I didn't know what car it was!
Another view of the Spiderman Dodge Stratus.
The 3rd out of the 3 Best in Class trophies went to Bill's 02 Thunderbird which is identical to my wife's. To think if we brought both cars we would have came home with 2 trophies! (That's if we flattened Bill's tires on HIS TBird so he couldn't make it...LOL!!!) So the 3 Best in Class trophies went to me, Meangene, and Bill's Blue TBird!
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