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NorCal - Winchester Myster House Tour
10 Prowlers and 1 Viper met at our favorite Krispy Kream Donut shop in Mountain View before heading over to this unusual home featuring 200 doors and 10,000 windows. Dozens of the most beautiful Tiffany glass doors are scattered around this mansion. If you are ever in San Jose, CA and haven't seen this house it is well worth the time.
One of the Tiffany Doors
Another Tiffany Door
Picture of the cars below
Cresent Moon schrub
Dave and Shirley Phillips coming down the stairs
One of the many kitchens made from redwood
One of several beautiful inlaid floors
The Front doors, Tiffany of course, rumor has it that only 3 people actually passed through these doors they were Mrs. Winchester and the two carpenters who installed them
The Music room
A Pipe organ in the music room. I forgot to mention this room was assembled without any nails in the entire room
View of one of the many fountains on the estate, this one in the front yard
The front of the house. Each day Well Fargo would deliver $1,000.00 in cash some of which she used to pay her employees daily
One of the statues by the front enterance to the home
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