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NorCal - Prowlin' around Southern Nevada
15 Prowlers with their drivers & passengers had several days of fun touring Red Rock Canyon, Mount Charleston, Hover Dam, Fire Canyon and the extraterrestrial highway as the final lie. We had participants from Arizona, California, Idaho, & Michigan and everyone enjoyed seeing old and meeting new friends. Now that is what this is all about.
Getting ready to head out to Red Rock Canyon.
The parking lot at the Red Rock Canyon Visitors Center.
A blooming Joshua Tree!
Red Rock Canyon Visitors Center
Mike & Karen Gatlin's Red Cat
The Red rock in Red Rock Canyon
Group shot
After cruising around Red Rock Canyon Steve and Debbie had everyone over for some snacks before dinner
The new 4 story parking garage at Hoover Dam. The Staff had reserved parking on the entry level so everyone who came to visit the dam saw the cars as they tried to find a parking space
This is half of the generators for the dam and exact duplicate is on the opposite side of the river
Some of the "boys" taking a break
View from the top looking at the generating stations and river
Another rest stop looking out over Lake Mead
View of the Dam
To the left you are in Nevada and to the right you are in Arizona
The old visitors center is now shopping and a snack bar
A look at someone scaling the New Visitors Center
Cruising down the road, Prowlers in front, Prowlers in back, great way to travel
Pueblo dwellings
Elephant Rock
Jim taking a picture of Phil while Phil was taking a picture of Jim
White Domes in the Valley of Fire State Park
If you look real hard you will see Steve Faint on the white dome
Taking a break before heading out on the Extraterrestrial Highway
The Extraterrestrial Highway even has signs, with graffiti
Here we are at our lunch stop the Little A-Le-Inn
I think that Steve has and alien on his trunk
Harry found a slot machine
Here is the crew after lunch
Harry by another Extraterrestrial Highway sign
Did Charlotte mail a letter to the aliens?
The famous mail box
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