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NorCal - Tech Session
21 Prowlers with their owners and riders either headed over to Chase Chrysler in Stockton for the first Technical Session of the year. The event was centered on the ball joint replacement and Dave the Prowler Technician got his chance to replace them on 3 car with several dozen people looking on while Dan Pena was getting all the pictures of the operation.
Here are some of the early arrivals to Curtis's house before the tech session.
There is Dan with his camara
Some other cars parked by Curtis's home
There is Super Dan's car
We took about all the free space around Curtis's house to park!
Curtis's Prowler
Our Group picture thanks to Maurice Liang
That is the bad ball joint
One car done two to go
Our Hosts Chase Chrysler
Our Prowler Technician, Dave
Dave's Training Certificate
Dave working on Roy Olcott's car
We had a Band
We had some cars
We had some RC girls
We had a great day, thank you Chase Chrysler!
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