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Kats at Princeton
Eastern Posse attends Princeton Car Show lead by Meangene & Kataddict
He just won't get out of his Kat!!!
Carol Silsby and Lucy Stephens with their Kats.
Rebelbob,Ptykitty and Kataddict with trophies
Darcy's chrome grill and suspension is super coooollookin!!!
Meangene holding modifications seminar!!
Prowlers at rest!
More Prowlers at rest!
Local Princeton watering hole visited by Eastern Posse!
Steve with his Kat' trophy!
Trey's pride & joy!
PJ & Dotties recent pet aquisition!
Wild Bill's silver shadow Kat!!
Where did I put that!!??
Wildbill & Meangene at dinner!
Steve & Bill at dinner.
PJ & Dottie--yea! we ate the whole thing!!!
Bob & Carol--desert was great!!!
Sharon & Trey at dinner.
George was there to!!
Yep,we had a great dinner to!!
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