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Prowlin' Niagara Falls with CJ
From June 6-8, 2003, 54 Prowlers and their owners descended on Niagara Falls, Ontario for a weekend of cruising, sightseeing and having fun. It was, as always, great to see our “old” friends, but to also meet a lot of new ones. The Canadian owners arranged this weekend event and they did a wonderful job. Everyone had a blast and we hope that they will do it again next year. The only bad part was not having enough time to see and do everything!! Friday was the arrival and check-in day. A group of owners met at a designated point on the highway just outside of Flint, MI and traveled to the Blue Water Bridge in Port Huron to cross over into Canada. Peter and Judy Goertz met up with us along the way and guided us to the Falls via back roads and the scenic route. It was a beautiful drive and much better than driving the highway!! We did have one problem though and that was when the entire group was pulled over by an officer from the Strathmore/Caradoc police department. The officer ordered Pete Goertz out of his car (he was our leader), had words with him, took him to his patrol car, frisked him and put him in the car. He proceeded to tell us that we had been under surveillance since we got into Sarnia, that Pete was being arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle. I figured it had to be a setup from the beginning and I was right!! Pete had set it up, but couldn’t manage to keep a straight face! Pictures were taken and two of the ladies were put into handcuffs!!! After our little encounter, we headed to London to meet up with more of the Canadian owners for lunch and cruised the remainder of the way with them to Niagara. When we first cruised into town past the Falls, all the people who were photographing the Falls turned around to photograph us. We just cause a stir everywhere we go!!! They were still talking about us when we left on Sunday!!! Friday evening we were on our own for dinner and amusement. A group of us walked down to our first views of the Falls and then to the Hard Rock Café for dinner. The parking lot always turns into the center of our socializing at the hotel!! It’s fun to talk to all the owners and check out everyone’s cats!!! Saturday, we were up early and organized to cruise around the area and to see the sights. Everyone in town knew we were there and everyone was friendly and did a lot of waving, thumbs up, hooting and hollering!! 54 Prowlers cruisin’ through towns is quite a sight!!! About midday, the group split up to enjoy the various sightseeing opportunities. A group took a cruise to the wine country, wine tasting and lunch. A group of us (about 17 people) went on a whirlwind sightseeing tour arranged by Bob Longstreth with the hotel tour guides. We got our own shuttle bus, tour guide and we were able to visit the Journey Behind the Falls, take a ride on the Maid of the Mist and later in the evening, ride to the top of the Skylon Tower to view the Falls at night. There was also a raffle drawing with prizes that were provided by a number of the Prowler owners and Mopar Division of DaimlerChrysler. Afterwards, the group walked down to the Table Rock Restaurant (over the Canadian Falls) and had a wonderful dinner and time for visiting with our friends. Sunday morning, owners got together in groups for farewell breakfasts, more talking in the parking lot and finally having to say goodbye to our friends. It was another wonderful event and I think a great time was had by all who attended!! I’m hoping they hold this event again next year....I really want to ride that Jet Boat in the Whirlpool!!!! I know there are a lot of pictures here, but it was my first visit and I wanted to share the beauty of the area and the good times with the owners with you. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them!!!

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  Shortly after we crossed the Blue Water Bridge from Michigan into Canada, we were pulled over by the Strathmore/Caradoc Police. Peter Goertz was arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle!! 
  The officer frisked Peter and put him in the patrol car. He then proceeded to each car telling us to get out our license, etc. 
  Kim & Jerry Wick, Jerry Naumann & Bob Goetz chatting with the officer after the joke was revealed!! The officer also gave all of us a lapel pin from the police department! 
  Not going to tell you what Karen Gatlin and I did that we ended up in handcuffs..............oops!!  
  We stopped in London for a lunch break and met up with a group of Canadian owners who traveled the rest of the way with us to Niagara Falls!! 
  Lunch with Bob Longstreth, Bob Hacker, Peter Goertz and Bob Goetz.  
  Stopped in a small town for a break........after driving around one specific block several times (with all the residents waving) we found a small restaurant which was kind enough to let us use the restrooms. 
  This is one of the first glimpses of the Falls that we had as we pulled into town.  
  Lots of mist from the Canadian Falls. 
  A tethered balloon over the American Falls.  
  Bob cable locked all of these trailers together and someone made the comment that the trailer bras looked like condoms and that it looked like the trailers were having safe sex!!  
  Lots of Prowlers arriving for the big event in Niagara Falls.  
  More arrivals!! 
  Still more.........that's Jerry Naumann's Mulholland with flames on the end. 
  On our way to dinner on Friday night, we stopped for our first views of the Falls. This view is of the American Falls. 
  This is my first view of the Canadian Falls! We have never been to the Falls before and I have to say that they are spectacular!! 
  A close-up of the American Falls. They are very rocky at the bottom of the falls and I doubt anyone could survive going over these falls. 
  Another shot of the Canadian Falls as evening begins to approach. 
  A view of the American and Canadian Falls (also known as Horseshoe Falls). 
  Rich and Linda Ware (Beware) from Georgia at the Falls 
  Visiting the Falls on our first night in Niagara! L to R: Bob Longstreth, Bob Hacker, Colleen Hacker, Rich Ware, Linda Ware, Tom Mills, Sue Mills, Karen Gatlin, Mike Gatlin 
  Socializing in the parking lot! 
  Prowlers at night 
  Getting ready to cruise Saturday morning. 
  Arriving at the Aero Car parking lot 
  Getting ready for the group picture. 
  What a sight! 
  All lined up! 
  We had all the Prowler colors except the Black Tie. We even had the Blue Tie! 
  Eye Candy!!!! 
  The group picture caused quite a stir with other Niagara visitors!!  
  The Whirlpool of Niagara Falls 
  Very tumultuous waters!!  
  The Aerocar ride over the Whirlpool 
  The Whirlpool Jet Boat ride! 
  Cruisin' through town  
  The ivy on this building was incredible! 
  A leisurely cruise through the area 
  Cruisin' through Niagara On The Lake 
  Niagara On the Lake is a very beautiful town and we enjoyed cruising through the area. Everyone was very friendly. There is a bike path through town and lots of people were waving at us!!  
  View of Niagara Lake 
  A photo opportunity 
  Cool cats!! 
  Back row: Dave Ridge, Damon Cyr, Bill Stephens, Dave Mills, Craig Mills, Gene Cox, Tom Mills, Rich Ware, Linda Ware, Bob Hacker, Bob Longstreth.....Front row: Nancy Ridge, Lucy Stephens, Brenda Mills, Roger Cyr, Sue Mills, Sue Mayes, Colleen Hacker, CJ  
  Same people, different order! 
  On Saturday afternoon, some attendees went on a cruise to the wine country. 17 other owners booked a private tour and this was Joe D.......our tour guide. He grew up in Niagara Falls and was extremely knowledgeable about the area. He was funny and he appreciated some one-liners we came up with for him to use in his tour speeches!! 
  Rich is thoroughly enjoying the tour guide's stories...and he had lots of them..........and after every one of them, he said, "And this is a true story!" 
  The Canadian (Horseshoe) Falls 
  We were getting ready to take the Journey Behind the Falls and Dave Mills just couldn't quite figure out how to get his rain gear on!! Of course, it didn't help when he put his head through the armhole!!  
  Roger Cyr (Damon's - Virginia CatDude - father) and Larry Mayes (Wildcat) were thoroughly enjoying Dave Mills' raincoat struggle! 
  Rich thought Dave Mills' predicament was hilarious!! 
  Check out the hat on TOP of the raincoat!! 
  Up front and personal with the Falls! 
  One of the Maid of the Mist boats that takes you to the bottom of the definitely get wet!! 
  The Rainbow Bridge which connects Niagara Falls, Ontario and New York.  
  Observations deck at the area where you walk behind the Falls. L. to R.: Nancy Ridge, Bob Hacker, Sue Mayes, Larry Mayes, Colleen Hacker, Brenda Mills, Roger Cyr, Dave Mills, Bob Longstreth, Dave Ridge  
  CJ and Bob Longstreth behind the Falls! 
  Rainbow Bridge, American Falls and Maids of the Mist 
  The American Falls 
  Horseshoe Falls and Maid of the Mist 
  Close-up of the American Falls 
  The observation tower on the American side. 
  This is on the American side.......where you can go behind the Falls.  
  The leader of the POA Blue Man Group!!!! 
  The real Maid of the Mist.......Linda Ware!!  
  Bob and Colleen Hacker. The only thing that Colleen really wanted to do was ride the Maid of the Mist and get wet. She got her wish and she was having a blast!!!  
  Colleen is the one in the blue raincoat!! 
  A group of us were on our tour bus heading back to the hotel when we pulled up next to Sue and Ron Clark in their Prowler. The tour buses have vinyl graphics on the outside. You can't see in, but you can see out. We were banging on the window trying to get Sue to wave to us and she just plain didn't want anything to do with us!!! Imagine that!! She told us later (when she found out it was us) that we were banging so hard on the window, it was bowing in and out!!! 
  An interesting view of the Canadian Falls! 
  The farewell dinner was held at the Table Rock Restaurant above the Canadian Falls. L. to R.: Tom & Sue Mills, Don & Donna Morgenroth, Nancy & Dave Ridge, Larry & Sue Mayes (Wildcat) 
  Al & Karen Payne, Don McCormack, Frank Peri & son 
  Back row: Linda & Rich Ware (Beware), Phil Genet (InPhil) Front row: Colleen & Bob Hacker, Bob Longstreth 
  Debbie & Fredd Chorma (Fredd06) 
  Ron & Sue Clark, Steve & Katie Clark (DublinOH) 
  Wayne & Stephen Finch, Bob, Bobbie and Laurie Talbot, Brendan and Carrie Finch 
  Ray & Lori Gonzalez and Bill & Lucy Stephens 
  Nancy & Darcy Kline (KatAddict), Tom Kalski (background)(Slick), Dave Mills (MoparDave), Craig Mills (PTLeftTurn) and Brenda Mills 
  ??, Kim & Jerry Wilson (meancat) 
  Damon Cyr (VirginiaCatDude), Gene Cox (MeanGene), Bob Goetz (RealRod), Roger Cyr (VirginiaCatDueSr.) 
  Jane & Roman Gregg (DRProwler), Barbara Tilson (ShesOnTheProwlinCT) 
  Len & Pat Boksman, ?, Karen & Mike Gatlin, Tony & Margo Goertz, Serita & Jim Bowman 
  Steve Gary, Judy & Pete Goertz, Helga Gary 
  One last look at the Falls! 
  The Skylon Tower stands 525 feet tall and offers some spectacular views of the Falls and the surrounding area. It has a revolving restaurant, shops and an observation deck. 
  A group of us rode to the top of the Skylon Tower to see the Falls lit up with color at night. Standing: Sue & Tom Mills, Roger Cyr, Linda & Rich Ware, Sue Mayes, Dave & Nancy Ridge. Kneeling: Dave Mills, Craig Mills & Larry Mayes. 
  L. to R.: Sue Mills, Dave Mills, Bob & Colleen Hacker, Linda & Rich Ware, Dave Ridge. This was a huge accomplishment for Colleen Hacker. She is bothered by heights (along with Bob Longstreth). She stood at the back of the elevator pod (which runs on the outside of the tower) facing the wall! She made it, though, and did go out on the observation deck.  
  We were able to see the Courtyard Marriott (our host hotel) and all the Prowlers in the parking lot from the top of the Skylon Tower. It was a very cool sight!!!! 
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