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Prowlin' The Kettle Moraine
Prowling the Kettle Moraine State Forest in Wisconsin on June 28, 2003, were 12 Prowlers from Wisconsin, Illinois, and Michigan. Here are a few shots of times/ places we shared.
Always A Pleasure to see this sight in your rearview mirror. While the day began with rain and the weather threatening to worsen, it turned out to be topdown gorgeous cruising through some pretty nice countryside.
Always a great sight is a dozen Prowlers' gassin' up to begin the day!
Our trip began with a private tour of a private auto museum, mostly 1910-20-30s Indy cars... housed in the tall stone building on the right.
Inside one of the engine compartments of this circa 1920-1940 Indy car (closer to 20 I think than 40, but cant remember!) was this engine... a 450 cubic engine... FOUR cylinder, yes..4 cyl.. baby... each cylinder (imagine the size of THOSE pistons!) had to have two plugs! and this some 60-80 yrs ago! Pretty interesting/amazing car history in this building. Next to this car was the very first indy car to average over 100 MPH at Indy.
After the museum, a short jaunt up some nice country road led us to Lake Michigan's town of Port Washington, a quaint scenic town where we stopped at a boat harbor, stretched our legs a bit and enjoyed the view. The rain had stopped, for the most part, but we all enjoyed this umbrella -- that's Ms.GenoTex! ;) -- my 26-year bride!
Another Port Washington harbor shot.
Leaving Port Washington, we see "Poetry in Motion"
From Port Washington, up the road a bit more to lunch at the wonderful Marsh Lodge, just outside Elkhart Lake .. the home of the famous "Road America" raceway. Went inside just long enough to enjoy some fine food, some great conversations, and back on the road to begin the journey down through the Kettle Moraine State Forest. Shown exiting his new Candy Red is our host/planner "Paul" from Cedarburg.
Some very nice, cozy forest road took us on our 30-40 mile journey through the Kettle Moraine, no pictures of which could do the scenery justice... but nonetheless beautified by the presence of 12 prowlers.
A wide spot in the road allows us an opportunity for a group photo, directly across from a 100+ year-old church/cemetary in the Forest near the town of Parnell.
As the trip comes to a close at West Bend, it reminds me just how great and rare this 'rear view' shot can be! The 'bystanders' along the way in several small towns in Wisconsin were 'agape' as we passed. Isnt that Marty's (or is it Ed's) condo there on the right??... that blue one!
MZBHAVN at its best.. which is from ANY angle! This shot was actually taken at Port Washington harbor.
A few upclose & Personal shots taken at West Bend, Wisconsin, where we finished our run and said our farethewell's at a nice Cruise-In called Toucan's Custard stand. This one's Paul's.
Gene pointing out some of the finer points of customizing! He's got one fine Woodward! If you haven't had the pleasure, and get the opportunity, let him show you one of the many points that makes his different from all the rest. But of course it's TOTALLY stock!
Thanks for joining us on this pictorial history of
"Prowling the Kettle Moraine" We enjoyed it as much as we did the custard :)
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