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NorCal - Monthly Brunch & Cruise
Thank you, Debbie, the manager at Mel's Diner for reserving our parking area and the wonderful service. We had a great turnout with a total of 17 Prowlers parked at Mel's Diner in Vacaville. All the colors except Black Tie, Gold, and the Woodward. After a pleasant breakfast it was off to the Jelly Belly factory for a tour. After the Jelly Belly Tour some of the people were not satisfied with their samples and had to help the Jelly Belly Store profit for the day. Then it was off to Rio Vista and a must stop at Forester's Bar & Restaurant. Most headed home from Rio Vista except a few that followed Loran, Johnny, & Chris back to Discovery Bay where they had an impromptu BBQ. Another fun day. We had a couple of newcomer and some folks we haven't seen for awhile.
Mel's Diner in Vacaville
John Davies freshly painted car. WOW! you have to see this in person
This is the Rainbow Bullet now!
Some of the cars
More of the cars
John and Patty getting ready for the Jelly Belly Tour
The food in the cafe is even in the shape of Jelly Belly's
Group Shot
Now that is a Motor Coach
Time to say Good bye Jelly Belly Factory until the next time. They have changed the tour so if you haven't been there in a year or so you need to go back for another look. During the week you will have real people to watch instead of the TV monitors.
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