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Fall Kettle Moraine 2003
Welcome to the Kettle Moraine State Forest in Wisconsin. These are some shots taken in October 2003. Of course as we all know, the pictures dont do the 'real' colors justice.
Last spring... to give you a nice contrast....
Photo taken yesterday, same road as above, about a mile down the road... the colors turned this year very quickly here in Wisconsin.
Other folks pulled over to take a walk and enjoy the colors. This is at the base of Parnell tower, a fire lookout tower at about 1300 ft elevation (TALL for Wisconsin). From the top of the tower, you can see about 30 miles on a clear day in all directions.
Taken 'on the move' but the contrasting colors are gorgeous.
It's about a mile to that closest hill, and several to the horizon, with "state" land between.
My FAVORITE sign! and the colors aint bad either. Made two runs through here.. one for pics, and one for fun!
Doing my best camouflage.
Nice contrasts.
It just doesnt get any nicer than this! (Especially when I think about the next few months...ACK)!
But for now...... check that temp! Seventy-three degrees! Great day for a cruise.
The colors are fantastic this time of year...especially the yellows, don't ya think? ;)
Another very nice 'hill'... these are actually formations from the last ice age, known as 'kames'. They are actually materials 'deposited' in these little hills as the glaciers receded.
Thanks for stoppin' in! Hope you enjoyed!
Without a doubt (or a date) one of the best shots I've taken.
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