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OllieKat Prowlin' the Smokies
You'll find hereby my memories from the GREAT trip to the smokies, even without pic i'll never forget it, Fabulous !!

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  I'd pay an extra cost to have a view like that from my room... 
  Watch your back, someone is following you ! 
  The typical american drive-in 
  Prowlers as far as the eye could see... 
  Is this a new type of mower ? 
  Biltmore house before prowler invasion ! 
  The gorgious winter garden from Biltmore 
  I guess there are only prowlers and bikers on that road 
  Stop talking, let's ride 
  Why is that road so short ? 
  That truck is a blast ! 
  Gush, Gush 
  gone ! 
  Too many cars for that little bridge 
  Do you know where are the restrooms ? 
  The car that was not at the smokies 
  JoeD and his son 
  Beautiful ghost flames 
  The parking lot starts to fill 
  The marvellous CJ and the ingenous Bob 
  Beautiful side panels 
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