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Crater Lake Cruise
Crater Lake, Oregon Prowler Cruise August 20-23 2003. A great turnout with 20 Prowlers from as far south as Los Altos, Ca and as far north as British Columbia. Prowlers and their owners showed up from California, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia

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  Seven Feathers Casino on Hwy 5 near Canyonville, Oregon where 20 Prowlers from Canada, Washington, Oregon and California converged for a weekend of fun and cruising 
  Parking lot at 7 Feathers Casino 
  Chuck Holliman's Red and Linda Johnson's Silver prowlers next to Tom Morris's double car trailer  
  What a neat little trailer.  
  Another view of Chuck's car and trailer 
  Linda Johnson's California Silver Prowler in front of the Casino. Hope the eagle doesn't come back for Linda and her Prowler 
  Covered bridge just outside Myrtle Point. A few bikers were there and just thought the Prowlers were great.  
  Lunch break at Frank and Mary Grove's home in Mrytle Point. Most of the group walked a 1/4 mile to Tubby's Restaurant for lunch. 
  Linda Johnson's prowler in front of Frank and Mary's home 
  Jack's Fountain (Restaurant) Powers,Oregon. Powers,a small lumber town between Mrytle Point and the Rogue River, and we just had to line up and taste some homemade pies before the group headed over the ridges and back to I-5 for dinner. Seems like we were always stopping to eat. 
  August 22nd and twenty prowlers arrived at beautiful Crater Lake,Oregon.  
  Phil Horvath of California stepping in on the act. 
  Crater Lake Lodge where we managed to get the prime parking. Lunch time again. Great food. 
  Linda Johnson and her cousin Denise Farnham of Bend Oregon. Denise drove over to meet the group. She and her husband Terry have invited the group to Bend next year so we can have lunch at their restaurant, The Black Bear.  
  Loading the 2 car trailer for the trip home.  
  On the way back to California, Scott Curtis (Los Altos, Ca.) Linda Johnson and husband AL Collins (Healdsburg, Ca.) stopped along Hwy 101 north of Eureka and marveled at Redwood carvings. 
  Redwood carving of castle. Loved the flag.  
  Redwood burl garden waterfall 
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