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Cruisin The Coast 2000 Day 1
Wednesday, Oct. 4. Well we got started with great weather this yearand there seems to be more cars for the first day. Sal, Jeannelle, Roy& I cruised in from Mandeville and after checking into our hotel (GrandOasis) in Gulfport, we went by block party and cruised to the Cabin forBBQ in Biloxi. We than returned to Gulfport to registration.We met few old friends and few new ones. We set up a meeting time tomeet at Long Beach parade staging area for 4:30. We ended up with eightProwlers and Four PTs. The parade started at 6:00 through Long Beach &out to the yacht club for some live music & cruising. During the paradewe kept hearing “light em up”. Well, not sure what to expect, I had tooblige the crowd… To my pleasant surprise I was making a whole lot morenoise than just a chirp…. Sal (my buddy with six-speed C5) was reallyburning them up… I think this was Nyles territory…. The Prowlers & PTstogether were crowd pleasers….Jesse & Sally came in from Pensacola with their Woodward and two toyWoodwards (Go-cart & battery Woodward). Hey Gary C. this could havebeen you in the Woodie Go Cart…. TMS may even let you on the track withthis one…Prowlers we had Jesse & Sally (FL Woodward), Phil (IN Red), Billy &Nancy (MS Red), Keith & Patty (LA Yellow), Russell & Kathy (LABlack), Jerry (LA Red), Joe (LA Yellow), Laddie (LA Red). PTs we hadBilly (GA Red), Jerry (MS Red), Marvin (MS Blue), Jim (MS White).
Meeting in front of Grand Oasis before cruising to staging area (PTs Billy & Jerry) (PR Laddie & Jesse)
Woodward towing two Woodies (Jesse & Sally)
Staging area for parade (Keith & IN Phil)
Russells Kat
Aerial view of staging area
Eight Prowlers & four PTs
Gary C. – this could have been you … Jesse drove the Woodie Go cart in the parade & Sally drove the real Woodward… The Go cart & battery operated Woodward get a lot of attention… Kids drool & parents & Grand parents say my kids would love this….
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