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Baker's Car Show with CJ
A group of Prowler owners gathered together to attend a cruise-in car show at Baker's Restaurant in Milford, MI. Was a beautiful day for a car show and it was nice to see club members again and meet a group of owners who don't belong to the club.......yet!!! Trophies were handed out to two Prowlers. My Candy Red and a custom Orange/Gold Prowler.

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  Meeting to cruise over to the car show together. 
  An orange Prowler with gold highlights! 
  Arriving at the car show at Baker's. 
  A good showing of Prowlers!!! 
  A customized Black Tie Prowler.  
  The "louvres" are actually vinyl decals. 
  Interesting "smoke" effect. 
  CJ's Candy Red Prowler won a Best In Show trophy. My first car show and first trophy. 
  My first car show and first trophy!! 
  My first!! 
  Proud owner!! 
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