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Auburn Parade with CJ
After a wonderful week at the Prowlin' the Smokies event in Pigeon Forge, TN, a group of Prowler owners converged on Ft. Wayne and Auburn, IN to participate in the annual Auburn, Cord, Duesenburg parade held in conjunction with the Auburn auction. Todd Esterlines of Auburn Chrysler, had contacted to invite Prowler owners to lead the "Parade of Classics" section of the Auburn parade. 39 Prowlers and 8 Vipers joined together to drive in the parade. 10 Prowlers and one Viper carried the dignitaries and celebrities of the parade. After the parade, everyone was free to join in the activies of the weekend. Some owners went to the Duesenburg Museum, some the auction and swap meet and even the tractor pull!! In the evening, everyone joined up at the Corvette Classics Museum in Ft. Wayne for a catered dinner and activities. Local owners, Brad and Diane Beaman, and their entire family organized a wonderful catered dinner and activities for the evening. The food was excellent, the Corvette collection was awesome and the company was terrific as usual. Brad also organized a raffle with some wonderful Prowler gifts. I would like to thank them, again, for all the time and effort that they and their family put into this event. It was the perfect ending to a great Prowler week. Thank you, also, to all of the Prowler and Viper owners who took a couple more days out of their time to help make the Auburn parade a success!!! More Prowler memories!!

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  These are the Prowlers who carried the dignitaries and celebrities. They led the "Parade of Classics" which included the Prowlers, Vipers, Duesenburgs, Cords and Auburns.  
  CJ's Candy Red led the "Parade of Classics"  
  CJ's Candy Red carried the signs for "ICY" who is the mascot for the Ft. Wayne Komets Hockey Team. He's a very popular character with the parade fans. 
  I had brought a number of small Prowler diecast cars to hand out to the children at the parade. I let "ICY" hand them out to the kids instead and I think he had as much fun with it as the kids did!!!  
  Scotty Williams carried Ms. Ft. Wayne in his cat!!! Ask him about the towel!!! 
  John "GPS" Schultz carried Miss Auburn in his cat!!! He says he had the cute one!! 
  One of the Duesenburg classics! 
  After the parade and the day's activities, all the Prowler owners met at the Corvette Classics Museum in Ft. Wayne for a catered dinner. We decided to do a group picture. 
  Group picture! We actualy had several cars turn off the expressway and come into the parking lot of the museum to see the cars and to see what was going on!!! They even took pictures. 
  Another view of the Prowlers!! 
  One more!! 
  First view of the Corvettes in the museum.  
  Starting with the appetizers....Ed Monahan, Rick Beyes, Sandy  
  The Raffle Prize table!! Nice stuff!! 
  A Texaco display featuring a 1953 Corvette convertible!! 
  CJ enjoying the Coca Cola display. The Coke cooler was turned into a bar by adding a checkerboard top and bar stools!  
  Bob and CJ 
  Brad Beaman.......our host for the Prowler dinner who did a fantastic job organizing quite a bit of this event! Thanks, Brad! 
  Raffle winner....Larry "Wildcat" Mayes 
  Raffle winner....Margo Goertz 
  Raffle winner.....Diane 
  Raffle winner....Rick Buehler 
  Raffle Winner.......Becky "Chaching777" Salewski 
  Raffle Winner....John "GPS" Schultz 
  Another raffle winner... 
  The Canadian contingency!! They won a lot of raffle prizes!! 
  Raffle Winner....Scotty Williams 
  Raffle winner.......Rick "RICKSTER" Beyes 
  Colleen and Bob Hacker 
  Mike K............something like this might look great in the Krehel Museum!!! 
  A 50's style diner!! 
  CJ at the diner! 
  Part of Corvette collection 
  More Corvettes 
  Awesome collection of Corvettes.  
  They had just bought this pace Corvette at the auction the day before we visited the Museum.  
  Bob (RPL) Longstreth, Brad Beaman's brother and John "GPS" Schultz 
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