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NorCal - Monthly Brunch & Cruise
This months Brunch and Cruise was held at Benjamin & Kathy Aronson's home in Mountain View and what a spread they had waiting for us. 19 people in 10 Prowlers took over the streets. After the brunch Phil showed the Nevada Video produced by Mike Gatlin for everyone to see. From there we headed out for our cruise to Santa Cruz, Highway 1, and then over the hills getting onto Skyline Blvd. Great day and weather for a cruise.
Watching the Cruising Southern Nevada Tape are Louise Olcott, Analyn Phommachaly, Bob Page, & Shirley Roth
In the kitchen are Roy Olcott, Harry Sands, Wendell Chute, Dave Phillips, & Glen Dennee
There is Jane Horvath giving Kathy & Benjamin the host award certificate along with a yellow spinner to hang on their deck
Jane is giving Shirly Roth the distance award certificate and small silver spinner for coming from the Placerville area
Jane's 2001 Blue, Wendell & Shirley's Black Tie, & jack & Diane's 2001 Orange
Roy's 2000 Yellow with a hardtop & Bob Page's 2000 Silver
Jack, Glen, Roy, Dave, & Benjamin at the Santa Cruz Pier Funny how the men gather together
Umm, Charlotte, Shirley, Louise, & Diane are also flocking while Shirley, Wendell, & Analyn have there own discussion
There is Jim giving an interested person a tour of his 2001 Prowler
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