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Prowlin' the Smokies with CJ
108 Prowlers and their owners converged on Pigeon Forge, TN in August for the Prowlin' the Smokies event. This was our largest attended event yet and it was great to meet so many new owners and all our "old" friends. There was lots of cruisin' in some beautiful country, hanging out with friends, meeting our Prowler Owner from Switzerland, driving the Dragon's Tail road, exploring the Biltmore Estate in NC, enjoying what Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg has to offer and just plain having fun with our cats!!!

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  Several of the early arrivals to the Smokies did a dry run of the Dragon's Tail on Sunday.  
  Olivier Aebersold (OllieCat), a Prowler owner from Switzerland, hitched a ride with Phil Genet (INPhil) from Indiana. Phil even let Olivier drive his cat for a while!! 
  Taking a break on the dry run cruise to enjoy the scenery.  
  Stopping a a resort restaurant for a restroom break. That's my Candy Cat!! 
  Another view of my Candy Cat.  
  Olivier Aebersold (OllieCat) from Geneva, Switzerland. He owns a 1999 Purple Prowler and matching trailer. He flew over for his first POA event and was having the time of his life!! 
  A stop at Straton Ridge........that's Olivier again!  
  Another stop for a photo op!!!  
  Bob Goetz from Real Rod  
  CJ's Candy Cat  
  Cats on the curve!  
  Dressing up the scenery!  
  Some beautiful scenery  
  Another view  
  Bill Simulcik (WildBill) taking photos.  
  Falls over the dam  
  Stop-over at the dam  
  Hotel parking area.........Sue Mayes (Mrs. WildCat)  
  CNote's V8  
  CJ's louvered panels  
  Hotel parking area - the social scene  
  Dave Ridge and his yellow cat.....Kendra (Prowlerbabe) and her black cat  
  On the road to the Biltmore Mansion  
  North Carolina scenery  
  Taking a break on the way to the Biltmore Estate  
  Rattlesnake Mountain Tunnel  
  108 Prowlers cruising through the small towns was quite a sight for everyone on the way!!  
  Cruising on the grounds of the Biltmore Estate.  
  The grounds of the Biltmore Mansion were spectacular!  
  Parking area after the individual Prowler photos were taken.  
  The Biltmore Mansion  
  A view from one of the mansion's balconies! Some backyard!!  
  CJ's Candy Red at the Biltmore Mansion  
  CJ's Candy Cat the front entrance of the Mansion  
  We just finished driving the Dragon's Tail!! What an awesome drive!!  
  Bill Whealy and his patriotic cat!  
  Bill Simulcik (WildBill) and his silver cat at the Falls!  
  CJ's Candy Cat at the Falls  
  Lining up for the group picture  
  Black Tie reflection on the Candy Cat  
  Arranging the cats for the group photo  
  Getting ready for the group photo shoot  
  Olivier Aebersold (OllieCat) front and center for the group picture.  
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