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Laddie's Real Rod Ram Air Paxton intake
Real Rod Paxton Ram Air Intake - works and increases boost ... I've been working with Bob Goetz (Real Rod) on testing a Ram Air setup for the Paxton Supercharged Prowlers... The results are very impressive from my testing... I was just hoping to get cool air into the Paxton intake (which is on the Driver side of Prowler). However, I was pleasantly surprised by the increase in boost (½ to 1 ¼ lbs of boost) with the Ram air setup. At last year's CTC, Bob gave me a panel with his ram air scoop and a new air box & filter attachment for testing... After some modifications and plumbing from Home Depot, I was able to test it. While it did get cool air into the paxton, the plumbing from the ram air panel through the air box & connection to paxton filter box reduced the boost. So, Bob took my input and designed a new air box and coupler connection to the paxton filter. He sent the two new pieces to me earlier this year and asked me to modify them to make them work. I've just got around to testing the new pieces. I've made modifications to the inside of his original ram air side panel, the air box and the coupler attachment piece to the paxton air box . I have the original low boost paxton system (7 lb boost) with the two hole canister. I ran several test going through 1st & 2nd gears shifts (car was in "D"). I've picked up between ½ & 1 ¼ lbs of boost with the ram air box setup compared to just drawing the under hood heated hot air. I performed this test by just rotating the paxton canister on the blower air box (pictures show the two holes facing the motor or facing Bob's air box). I was able to get to 8 ½ lb boost (between 8 & 9 lb on gauge) with the ram air. Without the ram air my top boost was in the 7 ½ lb boost (between 7 & 8 lb on gauge). Outside temps were low 80's this morning and my temp gauge was just under the ½ mark throughout the test. Made six runs alternating between the setups. Now, the 8 ½ lbs of boost is what I would normally get when I run on the track without the canister and just the exposed Paxton round filter. However, I was always sucking in the hot heated air from under the hood. And, I've never gotten better than 7 ½ lbs of boost when I had the two-hole canister installed around the paxton filter. This setup works and the increased boost is a result of better air getting into Paxton Blower... I'll work with Bob to get the air box and connection coupler piece to paxton air box refined for production and fabricated by someone down here in Louisiana. There are a couple of other tweaks I would like to make to the setup before final fabrication and consultation with technical guy and fiberglass guy. Once I get the final pieces built, I'll paint the fiberglass either black or red to match Prowler. Right now, I see this as a three piece setup 1) the ram air side panel, 2) the side panel air box, & 3) the coupler to the Paxton air box. I don't have any special tools or metering devices to measure temps at different locations. All I did was watch my paxton boost gauge to see where the needle went on the gauge as I ran the car through 1st & 2nd gears shifts while in "D". So, I'll continue the road testing and will use this setup at the CTC 3rd Annual Prowler Drags... laddie...

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  Original Real Rod side panel with scoop & inside plumbing connection, new side panel air box (square & rectangular box), coupler attachment for Paxton air box canister. 
  Cut square hole into side panel to get air from scoop (you can see inside of scoop through large square hole). 
  Fiberglass coupler fits around Paxton air box canister. Original piece shown before I modified. This original piece went all the way around canister and was strapped on with wire clamp. I eventually removed the clamp and cut the fiberglass so the unit just slips around the paxton canister. It has held in place so far under my testing... 
  Real Rod side panel with scoop (outside view). I have not transferred the side marker light. Although after this picture I did apply a side marker from WalMart ($1.29 stick on that fills most of the hole). That'll do for testing. I also have only used a can of spray paint over the primed side panel. After testing I'll get the panel painted. And, eventually may have to have my Custom Bra modified to fit with scoop. That way I could run with Bra on the Kat. 
  Ram air setup with the two-holes of the canister positioned inside the coupler (facing the side air box). On the Paxton supercharged cars, the blower and air intake are on the driver side of the Prowler (opposite the stock Kats). 
  The two-hole canister positioned inward toward motor. No ram air with this setup. This is drawing in the normal underhood hot heated air into the paxton blower. 
  Side panel air box. Routes the air from ram air side panel to the coupler and into the paxton canister. 
  Another view of side panel with large square hole to get air from ram air scoop... 
  Paxton canister aligned with coupler and ram air side air box. 
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