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NorCal - Calistoga Micro Brew Festival
What a great event! Hundreds of Classic, Street Rods, cars, and Trucks gathered at the Napa Valley Fairgrounds in Calistoga. Linda Johnson & Al Collins, Scott Curtis, and Jane & Phil Horvath brought their Prowlers to the show. Inside your welcome package you find 2 glasses. The glasses are used for the free beer sampling with over 20 local breweries and 5-10 restaurants that provided sampling. You even got to sample the chili from the chili cook-off. Of course you could purchase hot dogs, hamburgers, varieties of sausage sandwiches, barbeque, and Mexican, the most expensive was item was $4.00. Calistoga water even provided free bottled and carbonated water. What a price performer this show was. Even if you weren't a beer drinker there was a flavor that you would have liked. An old timer band the Riptides provided the music for the day. Dan Mosier and Susan our Viper friends had added some more goodies to their Viper. Remember Kit that talking car well Dan has a Viper that now it talks and even has speech recognition. If you ask it to "Hiss" it hisses at you. Well it will also hiss at you if you get to close. You ask it the time and you get the exact time. The car will even talk about all the mods that have been done to the car if you ask politely. Right now the car has 6 different tasks it can do and I’m sure Dan will add some more when he has some time. The car was the center of attention and had people thinking it was some kind of a trick until they asked questions of the car themselves. Dan’s Viper also won the Fireman’s choice award. We will definitely be back next year.
What a sound system! The paint job was nice too.
I've never seen an equalizer with as many setting as this car had.
1970 Offical Pace car of the Indy 500
One area of beer and food tents
Another area of beer and food tents
Cockpit look at Dan Mosier's 1,019 HP Viper. Hummm speedo only goes to 180, Houston we have a problem
Ancestor to the Prowler?
Clean Mustang but I took the Picture for CJ because of the cat face where the license plate would go
The Foster Farm impersonating chickens even attended, luckily they weren't driving
Linda Johnson & Al Collins Prowler with the new flamed bra
Jane & Phil Horvath's Blue and in the background is Scott Curtis's Black Prowler
That Corvette won best of show, excellent looking car
Ummmm, I hope Jane isn't getting any ideas
Dan Mosier and Susan with his Fireman's choice award
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