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Skyline Drive Cruise with CJ
On October 3-5, we joined a number of other Prowler owners in Virginia to cruise the Skyline Drive through Shenandoah National Park. Several of us met at a hotel in Stephens City the first night and cruised together to meet the rest of the group at the entrance to Skyline Drive. We spent the day cruising through the Shenandoah National Park, taking time to stop and enjoy the view, the cats and the company. Eventually, we arrived at Graves Mountain Resort in Syria, VA where we had rooms in a hilltop section of the hotel. The rooms came with old-fashioned rocking chairs to sit out on the “porch”.....which we used well into the evening. Saturday night, we all participated in a hayride with a stop to roast marshmallows! It was a great weekend, but not long enough!!! Before we knew it, it was time to say goodbye again and head home to wait for the next time we’ll all see each other!

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  Gathering at the entrance of the Skyline Drive road and ready to go cruising!  
  Entrance to Shenandoah National Park....getting ready to cruise!  
  Visiting with old friends and meeting new ones!  
  Not quite warm enough for tops down, but at least it's not raining!  
  The Skyline Drive cruisers: Front row: Colin & Tyler Cox, Joite (their mom), Ray (Speedy) Gonzalez, CJ & Bob (RPL) Longstreth. Back row: Sharon (jerseyshore kat shar) Dymnioski, Jerry (1hotcat) Naumann, Norm (from Austin), Steve (stevedymo)Dymnioski, George (NJSilver) Walsh, , Bill (WildBill) Simulcik, Jerry (Meancat) Wilson and Jim (Top Kat) Reece. 
  Skyline country!  
  Skyline view from the Candy Cat!  
  What a view!!  
  Beautiful cars..........beautiful view!  
  The hills of Skyline country..  
  Enjoying the view  
  Getting ready to head down the road.  
  Cruising the Skyline Drive.. 
  Mountain tunnel  
  Cool cats!  
  WildBill's Wild Silver Cat  
  Maryann Munson, Bill (WildBill) Simulcik, and Pete (indy96)Munson  
  The Graves Mountain Resort area  
  More of the Graves Mountain Resort area  
  The Graves Mountain Resort Hotel  
  Sunday morning sunset over the resort area  
  Beautiful beginning to the day!  
  Welcome sign inside the main part of the hotel. Who's Owen???  
  Getting ready to head home.....Jerry (Meancat) Wilson, Jerry (1hotcat) Naumann, Steve (stevedymo) Dymnioski, Bob (RPL) Longstreth, Tyler Cox, Bill (WildBill) Simulcik, Colin Cox, Gene (MeanGene) Cox, Pete (indy96) & Maryann Munson  
  Candy Cat loaded up and ready to head to Cruisin' the Coast in Biloxi, MS.  
  Bill (WildBill) Simulcik and Bob (RPL) Longstreth  
  Building in the front left is the main building of the resort, including the dining room. Building on the right up on the hill is the Ridgecrest building that the Prowler owners stayed in.  
  More of the resort grounds.  
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