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California Kid Prowler by CJ
Larry Weiner from Performance West built a replica of the California Kid car using a Prowler. This car was displayed at the 2003 SEMA show in Las Vegas, NV.

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  The California Kid Prowler  
  Cool flame job!! This car was built to honor the California Kid Car that was built by Pete & Jake.  
  Front view of the car and chromed grille  
  Flames and new wheels.  
  The wheels are from Colorado Custom Wheels 
  The rear roll pan was custom done by a guy in Southern California. It has a Borla muffler, but the exhaust tips were fabricated by a local shop.  
  Chromed grille  
  Custom Prowler floor mats  
  Custom seats  
  Larry Weiner of Performance West who built the California Kid Prowler (one of Bob's image vehicles) and Pete Chapouris who built the original California Kid car.  
  Pete Chapouris and the California Kid Prowler  
  Another photo of Pete and the Prowler  
  CJ and Pete Chapouris with the California Kid Prowler  
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