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Barnegat Lighthouse Cruise - Prowlin' the Jersey Shore
Well we wanted to get together & stretch our paws a little & cruise. We decided to go to one of New Jersey's many lighthouses. Old Barney. Barnegat Lighthouse State Park stands on the south side of Barnegat Inlet situated on the northern tip of Long Beach Island, NJ. The Inlet was christened "Barendegat" or "Breakers Inlet" because of the large cresting waves which made navigation difficult. The site of the lighthouse was considered as one of the most important "change of course" points along the eastern seacoast for sailing vessels. The original lighthouse was completed & placed into service in July of 1835. Because othe sand which supported the lighthouse was being eroded away by southern migration of the inlet. A new lighthouse was constructed under the supervision of then Lt George G. Meade & was completed & illuminated on January 1, 1859. At the turn of the Century there was consideration to abandon the lighthouse & replacing it with a lightship anchored off the coast. Throughout it's long history the lighthouse was even used as a lookout tower for enemy ships during WWII. It was designated as a state park in 1951 & formally dedicated to General George G. Meade in 1957. For next year we are planning a Prowler cruise in conjunction with the NJ Lighthouse Challenge, where we will spend the weekend cruising to 11 of NJ's lighthouses. We will sure to post information when the time comes!

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  Barnegat Lighthouse - Prowlin' the Jersey Shore 
  Entry into Barnegat Lighthouse State Park - Just a little history of the area 
  front row - George(NJSilver)- Sharon(Jerseyshorekat) - Pete & Mary Ann (INDY96) back row - Civil War General George G. Meade(CopperKat) Supervised construction of new lighthouse which was put into service on Jan.1,1859  
  The Kats & their new scratching post 
  If you look really close you can see the reflection of the lighthouse in Pete's Kat... 
  Pete & Sharon in front of the Kats 
  Barnegat Lighthouse 
  Barnegat Lighthouse 
  Elevator Up! 217 steps climb the 172 foot tall lighthouse tower. We climbed every one of them. 
  And UP! Did I mention the 217 steps? 
  Kats behind bars  
  Same shot through telephoto. 
  What goes up... 
  Must Come D O W N . . . 
  Look out below! 
  I had to get a picture of myself in here somehow :) 
  Mary Ann in front of old Barney 
  Remnants of the old pier 
  More wood & rocks 
  Wood & iron bolts date back to the turn of the last Century 
  Part of the Nature Observation area 
  Ohhh Pretty Shells. Wait they're moving!!! Mmmmm Lunch! 
  Talk about bumper-to-bumper traffic! 
  Your house or mine? 
  Steps to Maritime Forest - Self-Guided Trail 
  As all POA events include... Pictures of someone eating. 
  Yes we stopped for a bite & a brew too. 
  Pete's & Mary Ann's Shore House 
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