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Prowler Friends at SEMA 2003 by CJ
Several of our Prowler friends drove in with their cats to attend the SEMA show. Taking some time out from the show, we did some cruising and did a cat photo shoot in Red Rock Canyon on Wednesday afternoon. On Friday, Bob and I spent the day with our Prowler friends, heading to the Hoover Dam and some desert racing. It was a great time and wonderful to be able to spend some time with our special friends.

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  John Davies brought his newly painted Prowler to the SEMA show. It's truly a one-of-a-kind paint job. Beautiful, especially in the sunlight! 
  The SpectraFlair paint looks great on John's cat!!  
  John Davies, Patty Cardwell, Marc Scarbeary and I took a drive one afternoon after walking the show. We headed up to Red Rock Canyon for a Prowler photo shoot.  
  Two great looking cats in some beautiful country!!  
  One painted beauty and some natural beauty!!  
  Looks awesome in the sunlight!!  
  Red Rock Canyon beauty reflected in Marc's awesome purple Prowler!!  
  Looks great from any angle!!  
  Red Rock reflection!  
  Desert beauties!  
  Beautiful country.......beautiful day for photos!  
  Wheel to wheel!  
  Marc (MrCat2U) Scarbeary and his purple Prowler and John Davies (jd2ksilver) and his SpectraFlair Silver Prowler  
  Marc's Prowler with the SoCal Speed Shop custom side panels. 
  John Davies and his cat.  
  Marc Scarbeary and his cat!  
  On Friday, Marc Scarbeary, John Davies, Patty Cardwell, Steve and Sandy McCaffrey and Bob and CJ Longstreth took a day to go cruising and racing. We headed to the Hoover Dam and took a tour and enjoyed the great weather. Marc and John and Bob were looking for a route to go racing!!  
  "We think we found the perfect place to go racing!!"  
  We stopped at a Marina on Lake Mead for lunch. Lunch seemed to be right outside the restaurant!! I couldn't believe how many Carp and Bass were in the water next to the docks. They were huge.........and hungry!! We were hand feeding them crackers!!!  
  Bob and Marc relaxing at lunch!  
  Patty Cardwell, John Davies, Steve and Sandy McCaffrey having some lunchtime conversation!!  
  Lookin' for a place to go racing!  
  Beautiful country for cruising and racing!  
  Red rock country  
  Dusk in the desert  
  Moon over the desert  
  SpectraFlair, neon and moonlight!!  
  Prowlin' by moonlight!  
  After an afternoon of racing in the desert, John was paying homage to Marc and his nitrous-powered Prowler. John caught Marc a couple of times, but the crown belonged to least that day!  
  The racing was all for fun and Marc and John are good buddies!!  
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