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SEMA 2003 with CJ
The 2003 SEMA show was held at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV from Nov. 4-8. For Bob and me, it's an 8-day long work week! Bob leads the DC Image Team and had 25 new Image Team vehicles and 7 SkunkWerks vehicles. There were also a number of repeat vehicles. The SEMA show is the largest automotive aftermrket parts show in the country. The show encompasses 2.5 million square feet of display space. It's a lot of walking, talking and work!! For us, the week-long event is highlighted by various evening activities also, including a Primedia reception, the SEMA Banquet and the BF Goodrich event at the Las Vegas Speedway. We got to ride in a ASA Stock car 5 laps around the "bullring", a ride in the SCORE off-road vehicles, a ride in the Rock Crawlers, driving an autocross, and a chance to drive an open-wheel Dodge racers sponsored by Skip Barber Racing School. We also were able to spend time with old friends such as Pete Chapouris, Tony Thacker, George Barris and various vendors. We did have some opportunity, also, to go cruising, dinners, and walking the show with some of our special Prowler friends who came in for the show. All in all, it was a great week and I hope you enjoy the pictures!

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  White Viper called the "White Lightning"  
  The "White Mamba" Viper. A PVO project vehicle.  
  The "RumbleBee" truck by Performance West  
  Reminiscent of the old SuperBee!  
  Side view of the RumbleBee 
  Front view of the RumbleBee  
  This Jeep has a new-style 5.7L Hemi engine  
  The new-style 5.7L Hemi engine  
  Yes, it fit in a Wrangler!!!  
  T-Bird with modifications  
  Another modified T-Bird  
  One more modified T-Bird 
  SpectraFlair Silver Pacifica by Performance West  
  Great paint job! 
  1957 T-Bird by Bobby Alloway  
  5.7L Hemi crate engine in the Mopar Speed shop  
  New style Hemi crate motor  
  New style Hemi crate engine  
  Ford's UPS truck based on a 1953 Ford F-Series panel truck  
  This vehicle was shown at Ford's Innovations Day Lunch, showcasing one of their new cammer crate engines. The truck was even given its own unique official UPS number - 019530 
  Meguiar's 18-wheel tractor/trailer display rig  
  The Elinore car was from the movie, "Gone In 60 Seconds".  
  Another view of "Elinore"  
  Dodge Hemi Magnum concept car  
  Dodge Hemi Magnum concept car  
  The "Six-Shooter" Viper-powered 1970 Cuda convertible that was modified by lengthening a Viper chassis. Powered by a Viper V-10 engine and 6-speed transmission. Built by Time Machines out of Florida. 
  The hood, doors, deck lid, and top were remote powered.  
  Dodge Hemi Truck with cool graphics and matching motorcycle.  
  Cool wheels on the bike! 
  New 2004 Dodge Durango with special wheels.  
  PT Cruiser with custom trailer  
  Custom trailer with custom paint to match the PT  
  Flamed hot rod!  
  Custom PT by PTeazer  
  PT Roadster by PTeazer  
  Custom PT Cruiser Coupe by Decoma 
  1955 Buick Roadmaster owned by Jay Leno showcasing GM's new 620 hp, 572 ci crate engine.  
  Jay Leno's 572 personalized plate.  
  Custom PT Woody  
  Dodge truck "Ramrod" with SpectraFlair Silver paint  
  This company does custom trailers. Cute alternative for the Prowler!  
  Another custom trailer alternative.  
  Red flamed hot rod!  
  A new Bobby Alloway car  
  New teflon coated wheels by American Racing. Bet those will be easy to clean. Comes in black and clear coating.  
  Dodge Ram Hemi truck in the Mopar Speed Shop display  
  OOPS!! They kept right on going!!!  
  Candy Red Wrangler  
  Part of the Mopar Tunnel display that connected the Center Hall with the South Hall  
  Mopar Tunnel  
  Custom orange Liberty on display in the Mopar Tunnel  
  Hemi C concept car which is a thinly disguised 300C which will go into production right after the first of the year.  
  Team Mopar race vehicles.  
  Lil' Red Hemi Truck by Pro Glass  
  Dodge Magnum  
  1970 Challenger owned by Harold Sullivan (Michigan) My favorite car from his collection! 
  Custom Neon SRT4  
  Bob Longstreth (DaimlerChrysler Image Team Leader), Steve McCaffrey (DC Image Team) and Mario Andretti  
  More pictures of the Dodge "RumbleBee" in the Mopar Speed Shop display 
  Dodge Hemi Fire Truck........gets to the fires quick!!  
  Using a Prowler, Larry Weiner of Performance West (CA) created a replica of the Pete & Jake's California Kid car. Larry calls it the "Night Stalker" 
  Larry Weiner (Performance West) and Pete Chapouris (SoCal Speed Shop - formerly Pete & Jake's)  
  Pete Chapouris and the "Night Stalker" (California Kid car replica)  
  CJ and Pete Chapouris with the "Night Stalker" (California Kid car)  
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