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Houston Autorama 2003
Enjoy the show! I did!

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  The entire undercarriage was chromed from the engine to the exhaust tips. These poor quality pictures don't do it justice. 
  This car arrived at the show just behind me. The trailer it was in was also the same shape of the car. It is made of wood. The best I can recall, there was over 4800 strips of wood in the making of this car. 
  The candy apple paint on this vehicle was simply beautiful. The best I have ever seen. It was a great looking little truck! This is what the candy Prowler should have been painted. 
  A nice looking Excalibur! 
  Notice the glimpse of a Prowler in front of it. The only Prowler in the show. 
  I had seen this car at another local show at Traders Villiage here in town on May 18. The next two pictures are from that show. 
  The Mickey Mouse statue wasn't in the Autorama show. 
  This was a beautiful T-Bucket and was a nice display! 
  What's a classic car show without a Woody? 
  A view up the nose of a rail car. 
  There were some great looking motorcycles there too. This is one of them. 
  Here's the all new Binford/Mopar Mini-Hemi Powerwagon! 
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