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Northwest Prowler Group Tigard, OR Tour
Members of the Northwest Prowler Group, happy to be together for the first tour of 2006.
Four member cars on the way to Tigard, stop for a good lunch in Centralia, WA.
Told you it was a good lunch. Thanks Mike & Sharon for arranging this stop.
Ready to continue on.
View from the back deck of the unofficial clubhouse in Tigard, OR
Dinner was at Beaches, and our hosts, the Woodens and Sabins, made an excellent selection. This is the only picture, however, as the camera's wide angle was insufficient to catch most members' profiles afterwards.
Back at the clubhouse that evening, we celebrated the oldest member's 70th birthday. Not showing in this picture are the thin wires needed to hold his arms up in the air.
Meanwhile in a dark murky corner, the finer points of Texas Hold'em were taught by a genuine Texan.
Public awareness warning. Do not play this fellow for real money.
Saturday saw the arrival of a hot one. And her car now has flames too.
With 22 members present it was time for the mandatory group photo.
Those who counted noticed only 21 present. The photographer joined this revised group photo.
Next it was off to do a little shopping, followed by lunch.
at this fine restaurant. Another great choice by our hosts.
View from one end of the table.
Same view except from the other end of the table.
Then it was off for a tour led by the new/old owners of the only Orange Prowler present in the group.
First stop on the tour was for dessert at this special location.
The kats lined up outside the dessert store.
Another view, with the security guard walking by. If the view is fuzzy, it is.
One of the tour's hosts, Carole shows off her cutie grandaughter, a future club member?
Parking for the "blues brothers" back at the clubhouse.
Kats out at the front of the clubhouse
This would be the end, except this is the front. Of a car which ran into a curb. Probably not on purpose. Friendly club members offered the owner eleven different ways to prevent this from happening again. The winning entry was "change drivers".
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