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Northwest Prowler Group Olympia, WA Tour
Inside the State Capital Building in Olympia, WA - which looks a lot like the one in Washington, DC - hangs a magnificent chandelier designed by Louis Tiffany as one of his last commissions. The five ton Angels of Mercy chandelier hangs from the dome on a one ton, 101 foot chain in the rotunda.
Picturesque stop - 4 cars on the way to the Liberty Inn in Dupont, WA
Terrace Falls, site of the following lunch stop..
Well organized, generous portions and great service at this luncheon restaurant.
After lunch we drove over to the State Capital building in Olympia, WA for a guided tour.
This is the State Seal which is embedded in the marble floor of the center concourse.
Part of our tour, conducted by Mrs Moon, who owns a Moon car, was held in this beautiful Reception room.
Junior legislators practising at becoming future politicians.
Not-so-junior taxpayers surveying the marbled halls.
Some of our more aged group members thought that the office here was using surprisingly modern equipment.
Past Governors portraits watching over us.
OK I forgot how heavy and how tall these entrance doors are. In fact I can't even remember what they are made of. But I remember they work just like real doors.
A somewhat fuzzy picture of the group on the marble steps inside the Capital Building. The blurring probably caused by the tour guide's shaking as she realized the group she was talking to had probably lived through all the historical events she was talking about.
Also spotted on the grounds - man carrying ladies purse.
followed by sighting of man wearing another man's hat.
OK, I skipped pictures of the dinner Friday night, only because I didn't take any. Here we are Saturday escorted to specially reserved parking by staff at the Northwest Trek Wildlife Park. Following pictures are all of wild animals.
If there are any wild creatures you cannot identify, just email our wonderful tour hosts, Sharon and Mike who had the organization of this tour just perfect.
Pictures of the beasts you will see in the first pictures were taken from a tram which took us on a 45 minute ride through the park to view animals with horns and animals with antlers.
More wild creatures sighted near the tram. Next we went on a walking tour.
and saw creatures without horns or antlers like these grizzly bears.
This creature did not have antlers or horns either, but it is called the Great Horned Owl - go figure.
Another unusual sighting was a second man carrying a purse.
Later that evening we toured to Yelm to dine at....
another well organized, excellent food and service dinner location with our own private room.
The other side of the table.
The other other side of the table.
I guess that makes this the backside of the table?
This is a sad story that must be told. A lady who shall remain nameless, went with her husband Gary Wooden to a casino and left without enough funds to afford dessert at the restaurant. So she slipped over to the "other" side of the table and brazenly helped herself to the hosts mudpie. I hope the picture is dark enough that she won't be recognized.
We had eleven cars on this tour, although a couple had to depart early for various reasons.
Continuing with the "animal" theme here are a bunch of cookie monsters back at the hotel winding up the day's activities. A great weekend get together. Many thanks to our hosts Shaon and Mike who did a superb job. If you missed this tour, don't miss next month's in Klamath falls.
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