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Northwest Prowler Group Klamath Falls, OR Tour
Newspaper coverage of Klamath Falls Tour
Preparing to leave the prowler clubhouse in the Portland, OR area for the journey to Klamath Falls.
Short stop along the way.
Getting the caravan together.
Lunch stop in Oakridge, OR
Kats lined up in the parking lot of the Running Y Resort just outside Klamath Falls.
After the Friday night BBQ at our hosts home, members chill out.
Some even chill "up" on the stairs.
The gang in the lobby of the Running Y.
It's Saturday AM and these two were tied in the voting for best dressed.
The Klamath Belle, ours for a three hour cruise and breakfast brunch.
Three belles on the K Belle.
An artistic view.
" How will I ever get voted best-dressed with all these bugs on my shirt?"
On board the Klamath Belle.
Time to disembark and head out on a driving tour through the city of Klamath Falls.
where we saw beautiful old houses like this one and..
jet fighters seemed to fly out of the buildings at us.
At the logging museum and loaded for bear, no make that loaded on the bear.
Kats await their owners return from the guided tour of the outdoor logging museum.
Trappings from an old blacksmith shop.
Surprise of all surprises. We see the ancestor of our prowlers - the original Plymouth.
This machine moves logs. Our machines move people.
Our hosts for the weekend, the Sidors from Klamath falls.
Kats lined up outside the golf restaurant where we had our Saturday night feast. Not shown is a picture of the ginormous dessert which the lady from last tour's story did not have to steal as she cleaned out the local casino.
Local paper coverage of our group tour to Klamath Falls in southern Oregon.
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