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East Coast Posse - Unveiling 2006
After a Winters worth of designing, painting and wrenching, MDProwler and Meangene's Prowlers will be debuted in a SPECIAL presentation with special effects. You don't want to miss this! Free luncheon to follow with cold cut platters and assorted goodies. After lunch we will be crusing the highlights of our nations Capital lead by the infamous Bob Miller. We will be seeing the Jefferson Memorial, the Awakening.Capital Hill,the Supreme Court,Washington Monument,Lincoln Memorial and the changing of the Guards at The Arlington National Cemetary. We will cruise back via the George Washington Parkway across the Potomac River which will show another vantage point of some of Washington's beautiful landmarks. We will be cruising back to Gary and Tammy's estate where we will be tent camping w/bon fire and having a beer tasting party. Sunday morning will be an ad lib cruise.
East Coast Posse Logo
Somber moment at Arlington
Changing of the guard
Our Kat guard
Bob Miller's grill - Nice!
Katin' around the Knepper castle
Katin' around the Knepper castle
Katin' around the Knepper castle
The wait...
The announcer...SirReal (Jeff Nutter) - Thanks again!
Kats waiting....
Curtain call...
Gary (MDProwler) was busy this winter
The luncheon...good eats
Gary (garysss), Brad (bnt_PROWLIN), Sharon, Mary Ann
Wayne and Hattie, Brenda, and Steve and Meangene
Bill (NiteMan) Stephens...logged out.
Outta the chute...
These pics were brought to you by none other than...WildBill - Thanks Bill
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