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Northwest Prowler Group Moses Lake, WA Tour
The Northwest Prowler Group completed their fourth monthly tour of the 2006 season with a trip to Moses Lake, WA
First stop on the tour was a visit on Friday night to a local car museum about a mile from the hotel.
Next it was over to our hosts, the Rusnocks for a little socializing.
We were told it is so dry in Moses lake that some cars do not even have windshield wipers.
However, we figured it must get cold there, because we spotted this car with a hard insulated roof.
After our learning curve had just about peaked, it was over to this fine establishment to fuel our famished bodies.
Amazingly, this famished body came equipped with a handy dandy food spot eraser.
Saturday morning saw us gather in the hotel parking lot for the first of our coveted group photos.
The tour began with a visit to Ephrata, WA where we stopped to visit Barry Morford's Chrysler dealership and say hello to Barry and his family.
Just a sample of the very interesting scenery encountered on our tour heading towards Grand Coulee.
Next stop along the way was at the Dry Falls.
Some group members just "hanging out" at the Dry falls
A view of the cars in the lot.
Next it was on to the Grand Coulee Dam where the group eagerly grouped to enjoy a savoury picnic lunch prepared and transported by our gracious hosts, Steve & Heidi Rusnock.
A view of the cars in the picnic parking lot
With impeccably perfect precision (say that 5 times fast), our hosts demonstrated the fine art of packing 6 cubic feet of picnic paraphanelia in a 5 cubic foot trailer.
OK, we now needed a group picture in front of the dam.
Then we needed another group picture including the cameraman who wasn't in the previous group photo.
Then we drove up to a scenic viewpoint overlooking the damsite from an even higher elevation where we, surprise, took another group picture. Lest anyone think taking group pictures is an easy thing to do, I must point out that there are both physical and mental stresses to contend with, like.. this woman's legs, sporting boo-boos from kneeling in the front row, and
.. and like this man who suddenly snapped and decided he could fly away rather than endure the stress of another group photo.
To ease the stress, we drove on to a local museum where I took a group photo without assembling the whole group.
Next was a long and winding drive to the exciting town of Almira where we encountered a bride and groom who wanted to have their picture taken with the Sidor's purple prowler.
"Aw, isn't that sweet" said Barb Sidor, gazing at the couple in their prowler.
"Oh yeah, how sweet it is" said Don Sidor receiving a kiss from the bride in payment for use of the car.
Later that evening it was dinner at a Bed and Breakfast, and some more semi-group pictures, only one of which will be displayed at this time.
While outside, the cars were all snug in their quilts. Every prowler comes with one of these don't they? If not, just supply the t-shirt graphics and ten grand and Lyn will be happy to make one for you.
Now the unofficial photographer hears frequently that he is never in the pictures, so here is one taken at dinner by our group magician. After dinner everyone retired to their hotels, and a few intrepid bodies gathered for a final social in the lounge. And here, as Paul Harvey would say, is the rest of the story. As I was leaving the lounge late that evening and walking towards my room I heard the sound of Eric and Gaby's voices just down the hall. Gaby: Just shove it in. Eric: I can't, it seems to be stuck. Gaby: Push harder Eric, I want it now. As I rounded the next corner and they came into view, they were visibly embarrased that I had spotted them trying to....
get a bottle of water from this machine using Canadian quarters. And now you know the rest of the story!
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