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Northwest Prowler Group Prineville, OR Tour
Northwest Prowler Group converges on Prineville, OR
" You can keep the jacket if I can hitch a ride to Prineville "
On arrival in Prineville, OR we were greeted by our hosts Dick & Betty in their latest prowler addition.
We were then escorted off to the Crooked River Railroad where..
we parked on the 'red' parking lot awaiting...
the Prineville locomotive to take us on a Murder Mystery dinner trip. However, it turned out the staff were VERY friendly as evidenced by the next few pictures.
Mr Nomorales apparently lived up to his name with one of our shy female members while her husband...
also seemed to enjoy a little attention.
Another shy group member is shown that this lovely young lady could not possibly be the mystery murderer
" Isn't all this just wonderful "
" We'll drink to that "
" If I could just grab that gun, I could get him to tell me who the culprit is "
Fast forward to the next day and the overnight arrival of member Marvin and his rejuvenated kat (remember last season he was awarded the "dumb ass" trophy for messing up the front end a little). look at it now.
Time for a group photo before heading out to see the sights.
The views were beautiful. Unfortunately no pictures can do justice to the scenery we saw.
Speaking of beautiful views, there were red kats with gray bumpers....
red kats with black bumpers........
red kats with red bumpers and even ...........
red kats with no bumpers.
And there was a red kat with a tiny little black kat with an enormously long tail.
Enough of red. Here's some black and silver to enjoy.
Next stop was for lunch at this remodeled station where...
this lady figured out how to get a preview of these pictures by inserting the photographer's memory card into her hand held computer. But her hubby wonders why she can't figure out how to get up in the morning.
Next it was on to the magnificent Smith Rock State Park, where we parked and looked at rocks. Named Smith.
We also looked at the river flowing far below us.
Then it was time for pictures of cars and rocks combined. First a red car...
then a yellow one, then a red one ....
well you get the picture..
This would have been the cameraman in his car with the top down, but a jealous purple car driver tried to hijack it and got caught in the act.
Since it had been many minutes since our last food intake, we headed off to a local cool spot for....
a cool treat.
while our cars enjoyed a cool spot in the shade.
Speaking of food, after dinner we were invited to our hosts' home for dessert, but we didn't realize just how large the portions would be.
As the evening came to an end, there was a presentation of the "dumb ass" award to a brand new winner. Just imagine, causing a whole tour of cars to divert many miles and park on red dust that had taken hours to clean off the cars that morning, in order to fetch a pair of sunglasses that all the while nestled snugly in her purse! Trying unsuccessfully to outdo that stunt, a certain yellow prowler led the group the wrong way to a dead end on the way back to the hotel at evening's end. Pictures of that occurance did not turn out. The End
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