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Northwest Prowler Group Sunshine Coast Tour BC, Canada
Members from Oregon, Washington and British Columbia converge on BC's Sunshine Coast
Seventeen prowlers with their 32 occupants arrived at Eric & Gaby's home in Maple Ridge, BC and were greeted with this sign.
The Wolf garage and it's residents.
Some of the kats parked outside while their owners were treated to a sumptious BBQ courtesy of the Wolfs.
A very appreciative Ken, aka tour photographer/website photo poster-person, receives a prowler picture from the assembled group.
Another mysterious sighting of a man carrying a purse!
The usual drivers' meeting before departure to point out the way to go.
But with two identically shirted leaders, there was always an alternative direction available.
Preparing to caravan through the greater Vancouver area on the way to the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal.
Cars parked inside the ferry for the 45 minute ride to the Sunshine Coast.
After a 45 minute sailing and another 45 minute drive, we arrived at the Rockwater Secret Cove Resort.
View of the back of the resort lodge area.
View from the upper balcony of the lodge.
View spotted of some shoes that had to belong to.........
one of these two cars - you guess which one.
Soon it was on the road again for another 45 minute ride to our dinner location at...
cars lined up at the Ruby Lake restaurant.
A few pictures of the diners.
did I mention how good the dessert was??
The next day it was time to tour. This group took in the scenery and sights while.....
these energetic souls decided to take a hike to..
see this sight.
Proof that the hikers made it - how long was the hike -one way?? why 45 minutes of course.
Here's what they saw.
And here's proof they made it back to their cars.
After a hardy hike it was time to join together for a fabulous lunch at the Westcoast Wilderness Lodge near Egmont, BC, where all the tables along the windows were reserved for us. The view was spectacular.
After lunch it was time for the traditional group photo out on the restaurant deck.
After another 45 minute drive, we were back at the Rockwater.
which, besides the main lodge had cabins for one (couple), and also....
cabins that accomodated 3 couples.
but if you wanted to take a small walk - about 4 - 5 minutes along this walkway...
you would reach the Zen tents occupied by some of our fortunate group.
front deck on one of the tents..
occupied by Doug & Linda.
interior view of the bed and shower in the background
The tents also came equipped with aromatherapy tubs with changing color lights and more.
A view of the bay from the tent.
View of the lodge across the bay from the tent.
View of the security guard that watched over our cars while we were in our lodging.
A wedding at the resort had to have some pictures with one of the purple prowlers since the bridesmaids were dressed in purple.
Is this how you drive these cars?????
See mister, that's what makes those cars go so fast.
Dinner that evening was enjoyed right at the resort.
A memento of the tour given out was a 2007 calendar with pictures of all the people and their cars. The cover photo was this one of Marge and her late husband Bill, to whom the calendars were dedicated.
The next morning it was time to head out for the ferry ride back to Vancouver, BC
The cars lined up at the Langdale ferry parking area.
Inside the ferry car deck.
Final shot of cars heading for home. Thank you to Liza, Joseph, John and Eric for sending many of the photos you have just seen.
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