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Northwest Prowler Group Cannon Beach, OR Tour
The Northwest Prowler Group gathered for the final tour of the year at Cannon Beach, Oregon. This is the 8th Annual "Run to Haystack Rock".
Starting event for the Cannon Beach tour is meeting in the reserved parking area downtown next to the restaurant owned by our hosts Tom and Suzy.
Some of the "tourists" in front of the official Northwest Prowler Group welcome sign.
This is the Morris' restaurant where Tom and Suzy generously hosted dinner for 40 members of our group.
A new look for Chuck and Jan's car which now sports painted bumpers.....
..and if you look closely, temporary mud flap extensions to protect the fresh bumper paint.
Speaking of temporary, Ken & Patti's freshly repainted trailer also sported temporary "spinner" wheel covers, until matching chrome wheels are obtained.
A short test. Do not scroll down until you complete the phrase " these shoes were made for ?????".
the correct answer is " driving".
Violet arrived in her Mulholland prowler with good looking hardtop. Hubby Craig was unable to make the trip this time. Hope to see you more often next year Craig.
After a terrific dinner, our hosts were presented with this neon sign from the group. The group picture in the center was taken on a previous Cannon Beach tour.
Next it was time to be entertained by Ernie, " The Magicians' Magician" who wowed the group with feats of slight of hand, slight of fingers, and slight of leg.
Just a few of the awestruck crowd watching our very own Ernie perform his incredible tricks.
Saturday morning it was time to assemble again downtown for our eagerly anticipated tour. Here, Fuzzy's ladies perform the necessary polishing of the wheels.
New members Ron and Bonnie from Tigard with their newly acquired super low mileage red 99 prowler. Welcome to the group.
Even newer members ( by a few hours ) Rick and Jackie from Tualatin with their yellow 2000 prowler. Welcome to the group.
The usual "drivers' meeting" was held to tell what channel to tune the walkie-talkies into, explain the rules of keeping car colors alternating, and offering the inducement that, if you could find your way back from where we were going, there would be food, drink and a social gathering at the hosts' home that evening.
Distant view of the bridge we would take leading us from Oregon to Washington.
This four mile long bridge was built 40 years ago. This very weekend was the 25th anniversary of the Great Columbia River Crossing, an event where walkers, joggers and runners cross from Washington to Oregon.
The day after we crossed the bridge there were 2,500 people who walked, jogged or ran across to celebrate.
On the Washington side of the Columbia river we had a short drive and then parked our cars to take a small bus......
to this location at Cape Disappointment. We were not disappointed with what we experienced there.
Beautiful coastal vistas....
from south to north, and a most interesting exhibit inside telling the story of Lewis and Clark's expedition to the pacific coast over 200 years ago.
Afterwards it was time for our obligatory group photo...
taken by this passing young lady who rose to the occasion, but whose name is unknown to us.
Spotted in the crowd was this hat with "Prowler George" on it, and I guess, prowler George under it.
Also spotted was this hat. There is no truth to the rumour that this hat was awarded for the wearer leading the group to another state and then telling them "You are on your own now. Find your own way back".
Lunch was arranged at this beautiful spot with harbour view.
The town is Ilwaco, WA.
Later that evening everyone gathered back at the hosts' home in Cannon Beach. After dinner and socializing, a summary was given of the year's tours, with some emphasis on the how care had been taken to look after the ladies' interests on every occasion. Volunteers to host a tour for next year were requested at this time. If you are a member of our group and were not on this tour, you were probably nominated to host a tour next year.
An award was presented to our group photographer for keeping everyone informed about our events by posting pictures to this web site. A copy of the Canadian Tour calendar containing pictures of various members and their cars was also presented to Tom and Suzy for hosting the 8th annual Cannon Beach run, and to Mike and Sharon for their dedication to keeping everyone aware of upcoming events.
This is the striking Cannon Beach run official t-shirt logo. There are still a few t-shirts left for sale - contact Sharon if you would like to buy one.
This photo is included because I thought the "harvest moon" over the beach as seen from our motel room on Saturday morning was somehow symbolic of the beauty we enjoy on each and every tour. Until next year....the end.
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