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Prowl'n Little Egypt
I might exceed my insurance coverage if I put them all on at the same time.
Home of Scott & Terry
Ed & Sandy @ Garden of Gods
Rick & Mr too shy to face the camera @ Garden of Gods
Most of the group @ Garden of Gods
Gene & Dixie @ Garden of Gods
Rickster, Sandy, Ed & John
Camel Rock
Arriving at Cave in Rock
Rickster, CJ, Scott & How far to the nearest bridge Howard
1014 Leading the way to the ferry
Lining up to board ferry
Ferry operator worried if he will exceed his insurance limits
John & Gene still sizing up the ferry
Photo from ferry
Another photo from departing ferry
Line up as viewed from Kentucky
As ferry docks
Rick & Linda disembarking
Rick & Linda again
Gene & Dixie disembarking
Tom & Pam disembarking
Bruce & Carole disembarking
Rickster disembarking
Bob disembarking
Brian & Mrs I'll take your photo taking my photo disembarking
Super Gene & Dixie
Super Scott & Terry
Super Prowlers
Super Prowlers 2
Super Prowler away ... Carol doesn't know you should take off into the wind
Now we are all together ... Up Up and Away
At Bald Knob Cross
At Bald Knob Cross 2
At RFC Garage for a tour
At RFC Garage 2
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