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Kruisin the Kettle Moraine 2006
Kruisin' the Kettle Moraine - a state forest area in Wisconsin - has become an 'annual' event, as this is our 3rd time. Please enjoy these pix and share our day as we enjoyed each other! This year had a turnout of 18 prowlers from four states! Thanks for the longhauls Jerry & Bob! A little cool weather never stops us midwestern folks from having a good time :)
SnoMan MeanCat and GenoTex discussing food and drinks.
Checkin' out the Foose wheels on MagnumMark's ride.
Jared's seeing if he still fits after that breakfast!
RealRod Bob and GenoTex thanking Jim Baldauf for showing us his private car collection. Some nice rides there.
Paul and Linda Barragry enjoying the weather. Paul supplies us with the DekProTec product.
Our final resting place - Guido's in Byron, WI.
Breakfast in Kewaskum
Shortly after this shot, that entire collection went 'missing' Hmmmmmmmmmmmm Jerry?
A group photo taken across the road from a 100+ year old church/graveyard.
RealRod Bob's ride.
One of several fine rides in Mr. Baldauf's collection.
Another breakfast club gathering. Ray looks guilty...just not sure of 'what' at this point.
notice the 'marquee' :)
Fixxum's up to something!
When breakfast just isn't enough!!
Thanks to ALL who attended. We certainly enjoyed our day and hope you did as well! See you next time :)
Y'all come back now, y'hear?
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