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Norm & Pat Waleke
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Only one week after having the graphics put on 'Pumpkin' she won 'The Best Paint' trophy at a local car show in Las Cruces, NM June 2001. Picture taken at home.
'Pumpkin' basking in the sun after getting some graphics.
Our new baby 'Pumpkin' just after delivery
Car show at NMSU campus Oct 13, 2001. Golden Knights posed with a couple of Kats. 'Pumpkin' also won the People's Choice Award trophy (see in background - right side of picture)
'Pumpkin' showing off - under the hood - ready for the car shows.
'Pumpkin' in her Lair.
'Pumpkin' showing off, after having the bumpers removed, windows tinted and a new windshield visor banner installed, September 2002.
Added stainless steel carpet and sill protectors from Real Rod
After removing front bumpers added Aero Front Covers from Real Rod.
Removed rear bumpers and replaced rear pan with Roadster Rear Pan and added a stainless steel Transmission Cooler Cover, both from Real Rod completed in January 2003
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