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Prowler Technical Service Bulletins

Dateline Reference General Description Applicability Description Detailed Description
07-03-97 Engine Coolant Usage 89-97 All Provides recommendation for Propylene Glycol use in Chrysler Corp. vehicles
08-09-97 Air bag warning labels 97 all models built on or after 2-25-97 Provides federal requirement for air bag warning labels
08-32-97 NHTSA authorized airbag deactivation for medical necessity All airbag equipped 1988-1998 Provides instruction for airbag deactivation
08-39-97 Remote keyless entry transmitter batteries discharge prematurely 97-98 AB/AN/NS/PL/ZJ
97 LH/PR
Involves replacing the RKE transmitter(s)
09-09-97 Gasket surface perparation on aluminum engine components 97 PR Provides potential surface damaging techniques
14-08-97 Poor driveability with high DI (Driveability Index) fuel 97 PR Explains relationship between high driveability index fuel and driveability problems
18-30-97 Cold start idle quality/sags/hesitations 97 PR Involves selectively erasing and reprogramming the PCM with new software
21-09-97 41TE/42LE service information supersedes TSB 21-18-96 89-97 all with 41TE/42LE transaxle Provides specific technical information for performing transaxle service
18-32-98 Flash programming failure recovery 95-99 All Provides recovery procedure for equipment lock-up during flash procedure
19-06-98 New power steering fluid 99 JA/JX/LH/PL/PR/SR Specifies new power steering fluid equipped vehicles
21-07-98 Delayed transaxle engagement, supersedes TSB 221-05-95 89-98 41TE/AE or 42LE transaxle equipped Provides diagnosis for delayed transaxle engagement
22-04-98 Low tire pressure warning lamp 97-99 PR Involves adjusting the tire pressure(s) and/or replacing low tire pressure sensor/transmitter(s)
23-56-98 Deck lid carpet retention 99PR Prowler built prior to 10-14-99 Involves installing additional pushpins to the underside of the deck lid to retain the deck lid carpet
24-08-98 Growl noise during A/C operation/air cleaner element difficult to access 97-99 Involves replacing the A/C suction liquid line with a revised part
25-02-98 I/M testing ODBII "Carb" readiness monitor information 97-99 PR Provides ODB II monitor information
08-37-99 Airbag On-Off switches, supersedes TSB 08-17-98 Rev.C Most airbag equipped 90-00 Provides parts kits for installing airbag On-Off switches when authorized by NHTSA
14-02-99 Hiss noise from engine when idling 98-99 LH
99 PR
Involves replacing the throttle body assembly
14-04-99 Fuel tank slow to fill or will only fill to half full 97-99 PR Involves installing a revised fuel filler neck and filler hose
18-12-99 DRB III leak detection pump (LDP) monitor test 99-99PR Explains the operation and application of the LDP monitor test
21-04-99 Service & parts information on 99 Changes to the TRS 89-99 all with 41TE/LE transaxle Provides information on the new TRS and connector
21-05-99 Reusable automatic transmission oil pan gasket 89-00 ALL with 41TE/AE, 31TH, 93-00 all with 42LE Provides availability and installation procedures for a reusable transmission pan gasket
21-06-99 Intermittent loss of speed control 89-99 All with 41TE/AE or 42LE transmission Involves replacing the input and output speed sensor connectors
21-10-99 Auxiliary differential vent, supersedes TSB 21-05-98 93-2000LH
97-2000 PR
Involves installing an auxiliary differential vent and changing differential fluid
21-17-99 Reduced differential level/scheduled maintenance change interval 00 LH/PR with a transaxle build date of 940-3940-7751 (7-27-99) or later Provides fluid level change information
21-16-99 New automatic transmission fluid usage (ATF + 4 Type 9602) 99-00 JA/LH/PR
Provides Provides usage by model for ATF + 4 transmission fluid
23-35-99 Child seat tether anchors 89-00 Most models see TSB Provides parts and labor operation numbers necessary to install child seat tether anchors
24-18-99 Flutter noise from HVAC mode door 99-00 PR Involves re-calibration of the HVAC mode door range travel
08-06-00 Wire splice repairs 89-00 all Provides revised corporate wire splicing procedure
08-11-00 Recordable compact disc used in automotive CD players 89-00 all with CD players Provides compatability information with recordable compact disc media and automotive CD players
08-27-00 Non-deployed airbag handling porcedures 88-01 All equipped with front air bags Provides handling insructions for non-deployed airbags
08-36-00 Circuits affected by ignition off draw (IOD) fuse 01 AB/AN/BR/BE/DN
Provides components/features disabled by the IOD fuse
08-38-00 Systems-Vehicle modifications/repairs 2001 All models Provides warning about damaging or modifying any saftey systems
18-01-00 Misdiagnosed leak detection pump systems with DTC P1494/P0442/P0455/P0456 97-00 PR Provides LDP system diagnosis
18-10-00 No response from TCM when using some generic scan tools 00 JA/JX/NS/PR
with 41 TE OR
Involves reprogramming the TCM with revised software
18-11-00 Low voltage circuit protection added DTC-P1714 low battery voltage 99 FJ/JA/JX/LH
NS/PR with 41
TE/AE or 42LE
Involves reprogramming the TCM with new software
23-01-00 Convertible top damage 97-00 PR Provides preventative measures to avoid damaging top cover
23-08-00 Child seat tethers anchors, supercedes TSB 23-35-99 Rev A 89 through 2000 most vehicles Provides parts and installation information for child seat tether anchors
8-10-01 Airbag/clock spring service All equipped with airbag Provides airbag/clock spring service information
8-15-01 Moisture in headlamps 97-02 PR Provides description of normal moisture in the headlamp assemblies
9-03-01 Engine oil additives/supplements All models Warns against using engine oil additives/supplements
18-09-01 Leak detection pump operation and diagnostics 2001 AB/AN/BR/BE
XJ 2002 KJ
Introduces the LDP operation & diagnosis booklet publication #81-170-00006
18-12-01 Generic scan tool (GST) All OBDII equipped vehicles GST publication to provide reference information when using GST on OBDII vehicles
21-06-01 Automatic transmission fluid usage ATF+4 (type 9602) 89-02 All chrysler automatic transmissions Provides new transmission fluid requirements superceds 21-16-99
23-03-01 Federal motor vehicle saftey standards (FMVSS) head impact upper interior 01 All models Provides a warning concerning aftermarket sunroofs and VMVSS 201 violations
08-17-1 Saftey systems - Vehicle Modification/Repair All 02 Vehicles When making repairs or modifications that may impact vehicle saftey systems
22-01-1 Rev A Aluminum wheel care All 98-02 with chrome wheels Cautions about chemical damage to wheels
23-27-1 Outside rearview mirror glass replacement Most 97-02 Provides information on replacing outside mirror glass instead of the mirror assembly
08-25-1 Airbag on-off switches, supersedes TSB 08-037-99 All 88-01 with air bags Provides air bag on-off switch installation information when required for medical necessity
06-27-2 Convetible top secondary plastic latch catch 02PR All Prowlers Involves installing a new convertible top plastic secondary latch catch
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